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The Pre Primary Section :-
The Pre Primary Section comprises the Play School, Nursery, Lower KG and Higher KG. It is our aim that every child develops a lively, enquiring mind, feels happy, safe and secure, and fulfils his or her potential in every aspect of personal development. We have a dedicated, highly qualified experienced and enthusiastic staff team who provide a well resourced, stimulating environment to meet the needs of the children. Our approach gives lasting benefits to the children and lays a secure foundation for their next stage of schooling. The method of instruction is "Learning through Play" and is a combination of the traditional and the Montessori. The children are encouraged to explore and discover things on their own through various hands-on activities. This develops the child's observation skills, teamwork and creativity. The spirit of sharing and fair play is also encouraged. We follow a non-formal, yet structured approach to learning. Activities are designed to develop their fine motor skills and encourage sensorial development. In our school at the pre primary level we have a structured and systematic Language Programme that is unique and has helped us empower children to attain fluency in reading. We have developed a curriculum wherein the focus is to sensitize the child to individual sound units in words to decode a language hitherto unknown. In a nurturing environment, they develop an awareness of themselves as responsible, capable learners. Our goal at this level is to instill in every child a thirst for knowledge and at the same time love their first years in school.
The Primary Section :-
This section comprises classes I to IV. Here the main emphasis is on the all round development of the child. The academic, social and behavioural aspects take centre stage. Children are exposed to various activities which allow them to discover their latent abilities. The spirit of exploration is enhanced and emphasis is placed on acquiring sound language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts and the discovery and understanding of scientific principles. Through extensive project work, students are given an awareness of the richness of diverse peoples’ history and culture. The children acquire all the building blocks of learning, along with good study habits.

We have our own Resource Unit comprising our teaching staff that uses technology available to create our own customized teaching aids and curriculum.

Various methodologies and techniques are guiding forces while we design every lesson and assessment so as to ensure optimum skill development for each grade level.

Ensuring LATERAL CONNECTIVITY among subjects is our mantra at this level.
planning is done ensuring interconnection between subjects
pictoral representation of information
classification of information
learning by differentiating
  Benjamin Blooms theory on High Order Thinking is an integral part of our planning process.

Evaluation at this stage is comprehensive and continuous and a natural outcome of the learning in school.
Secondary Section :-Top
Classes V to X comprises the secondary section. Students enter the portals of the Senior School. They are encouraged to be independent and work on their own. They use the facilities available in the library-books and the internet- to do reference work for various class projects and for individual subjects. The emphasis on holistic development continues. Students empowered by the strong foundation they have developed in the previous years, make a smooth transition to take on the challenges at this level. The teacher assumes the role of a guide as the children are encouraged to research as part of the learning process. We have periodic formal assessments and children appear for their first formal examination in class VIII.

In classes IX & X the syllabus followed is laid down by the Council. These years are the most crucial years of a student's life in school. It is a time when decisions are made - decisions regarding which subjects to opt for in Group 2 and 3 for Classes IX & X. The curriculum for the (Indian School Certificate Examination) ICSE is broadly divided into three groups. Each student entering Class IX opts for seven subjects from these three groups for a two year period of study till class X. The following subjects are offered in our school:

GROUP1 (COMPULSORY) English Hindi History Geography
GROUP 2 (any 2) Mathematics Science Economics EVS
GROUP3 (any 1) Art Cookery Technical Drawing Applications  
The Class 10 (ICSE) Board Examinations are held every year in March.

All students also undertake Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) as part of the ICSE Curriculum. The Council website offers details of the scope of the syllabus -