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Library :-
“Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body.” This is fully justified as students use the library to enhance their reading skills and derive knowledge and new ideas. The school has 2 libraries one for the Junior school and the other for the Senior school. Both the libraries have qualified librarians. The libraries have a total of about 25,007 books. There are 7 different daily newspapers and 15 periodicals available for the children to read.

SMS Library Mangement System has been installed covering general functions of the library.
Computer Laboratory :-
The school has a well equipped air conditioned Computer Laboratory measuring 434 sq.ft with 1 Computer for every 2 students. Qualified teachers impart training to the students. There is easy access to the internet for the students and the staff members. Students of different classes are taught the following curriculum:-
  • Std I - Sean's Magic Slate and Little Painter.
  • Std II - MS-Paint.
  • Std III - WordPad.
  • Std IV - Windows Live Movie Maker.
  • Std V - Microsoft Word 2010.
  • Std VI - Microsoft Powerpoint 2010.
  • Std VII - Microsoft Excel 2010.
  • Std VIII - Microsoft OneNote 2010 and HTML.
  • Std IX & X - Council prescribed books on Computer Application with Blue Java.
Science Laboratories :- Top
"Learning by Doing" is what students follow in the Science Laboratories. The school has a Physics Laboratory measuring 543.48 sq. ft; Chemistry Laboratory 629.71 sq. ft and Biology Laboratory 507.38 sq. ft. Classroom lessons are substantiated by practical teaching.
Special Needs Department :-

The Special Needs Department comprises 7 trained professionals, 2 Counsellors and 4 Special Educators, headed by a Counselling Psychologist cum Special Educator. It has a highly stimulating infrastructure with 10 spacious rooms including a play therapy room.

We believe in providing our children with the right psychological and educational foundation, so that they grow up to be healthier functioning adults capable of facing challenges effectively and striving to lead happy lives in spite of the difficulties and uncertainties that they come across.

Keeping this in mind the following programmes and services are offered in the school:
1. Life-Skills
2. Parent Counselling
3. Student Counselling
4. Therapy - Individual, Group and Play
5. Remedial Education to Residential Scholars
6. Provisions and Support to students with 'Specific Learning Disability'
The Special Educators help the students with 'Specific Learning Disability' by preparing an Individualized Education Programme that addresses the individual differences and needs of each student. The students are taught using adaptive aids and specialized remedial techniques and strategies to cope with their learning difficulties.

In the 'Life-Skills' Class our counsellors focus on teaching children general emotional and mental health principles and help them apply these with self and others. They deal with topics that help in enhancing the children' personal and social competence.

The following 'Life-Skills' topics covered in our classrooms are 'tailor-made' and modified according to the needs of the students:
Self-Awareness Resolving conflicts in friendship
Self-Image Human development - Growing Up Challenges
Knowing our Emotions Social Awareness
Managing our own Emotions Social Skills
Understanding other People's Emotions Stress Management
Self-Motivation Time Management
Safety Skills including internet and mobile safety Study Skills
Improving Peer Relationships    
We need to facilitate our children to realize their strengths so that they understand and respect themselves as unique individuals. Let's help them to live with acceptance so that they realize 'How Special They Are' - Like the Sparkling Crystals!
School Bus :-
To create an awareness in students to the social responsibility that we have towards the neighbourhood residents the school discourages students to use rickshaws or cars to commute to school.

The school follows the Model School Bus System. In this system there are dedicated routes chalked out which ensure that the students do not spend too much time in the buses and are able to reach home at the earliest. The school buses are operated by three different bus contractors. Bus Administrators appointed by the school look into the day to day functioning of these buses.

Students living in the vicinity who walk up to school and thus using public transport like BEST buses or local trains are exempted from traveling by school bus.

The school buses run on the following routes:-
Sr. No Area
1. Dadar , Matunga (E).
2. Matunga (W) , Shivaji Park , Mahim (W).
3. BandStand , Mount Mary.
4. Mount MarySteps , Supari Talab , Mehboob Studio.
5. SherlyRajanRd , RizviComplex.
6. Kalina Santacruz (E) , Kalanagar Bandra(E).
7. Hilll Road Bandra(W).


Bandra Main LinkingRd , Bandra Station Rd.
9. Bandra / Khar 15TH /16TH /17TH Rd , Patwardhan Park , Waterfield Rd.
10. Tata Blocks.
11. Bandra Link Rd , Bandra S.V Rd.
12. Manuel GonsalvesRd , St Domnic Rd Pali Naka.
13. Ambedkar Rd Up/Down.
14. Almeida Park , Turner Rd , Guru Nanak Park.
15. Dmonte Park , ChimbaiRd Kantwadi , St Andrew Rd.
16. Bandra Gym , St Leo Rd , St Cyril Rd Jogger Park.
17. Khar Station Rd (W) 3/4/5 Rd.
18. 21st Rd Bandra (W) TPS III.
19. Khar Subway , Santa (W).
20. Khar Madhu Park.
21. Khar Telephone Exchange.
22. 13/14/15 Khar Rd.
23. PaliHill/N.Dutt Rd. Pali/Mkt.
24. Carter Rd , Union Park Bandra/Khar.
25. St.Paul Rd , Turner Rd. , Perry Rd.
26. Milan Subway.
27. Santacruz (W) Main/Central/West Avenue.
28. Santacruz/Main Link Rd Khar West.
29. Khar 13/14/15/16/17 Rd.
30. Daulatnagar Santa (W).
31. Link Rd Arya Samaj.
32. Malcolm Baug.
33. Bharucha Baug, S.V Rd, Vile Parle, Cama Park.
34. Sacred Heart Church.
35. Millat Nagar, YariRd , Lokhandwalla.
36. Danda Rd , Chuim Village.
37. Andheri Seven Bunglow , Versova.
38. Juhu Tara Rd.


Dhanpotdar, Rajesh K Grdn.
40. Prabhadevi/Worli Naka.
41. Bandra Reclamation.
School Canteen :-
The school canteen caters to students for breakfast and lunch. The canteen is operated by Sasha Foods. In addition we have the School Kitchen providing dinning facilities to the staff and students. The menu for breakfast and lunch is different everyday and selected keeping in mind the preferences of the children. The food is hygienic and nutritious. We ensure that we follow all the rules and guidelines of the Health Authorities. Nothing that can have an adverse effect on the children’s health is available at the school canteen. Carbonated drinks, Kurkure and Lays are strictly prohibited in the canteen.
Sports Facility :-
The school offers free coaching by qualified and experienced coaches for Hockey, Basketball, Football and Athletics after school hours.

Students are encouraged to participate in various Inter and Intra school sports competitions.

Indoor games like Scrabble, Chess, Langadi, Carrom, Table Tennis are other games of interest which the students play.

Our students have excelled at the District, State and National levels.