The Boarding Section of the Avabai Framji Petit Girls' High School is the soul of the school.

The visionaries Bai Avabai and her able daughter Bai Hamabai envisioned an Institute that would instill in the Zoroastrian girls the confidence and security brought about by imparting a well-rounded education, value based religious training and various vocationary skills.

Today their dream has fructified into one of the Premier Institutions of our country. Every year young Zoroastrian women graduate from the hallowed portals of this school, to get into the finest colleges, thereafter. We help them uplift their own lives and the lives of generations that come through them. Therefore, it is rightly said that "If a man is educated the entire family gets educated. But if a woman is educated, the entire generation is educated."

Thank you

Mrs. Yasmin N. Charna.
Boarding Section Superintendent